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It's a totally free strategy call. There is no catch. 

We believe in giving value first and that might lead us to work a little closer together.

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Your questions answered

  • What's the catch?
    There is no catch. It's a totally free strategy call. We believe in giving value first and that might lead us to work a little closer together. And if not, it's completely fine because you would have learnt something really useful.
  • Does it work?
    The proof is in the cereal bowl, right? Well, we think so too. Check out the impact we've made on our clients on Our Results page.
  • What results can I expect?
    We'll be honest. Whilst we typically expect between 2-4 Return On Advertising Spend, each campaign performs differently. And each campaign has a different vision of success. Truth be told, we're only as good as our results. So far we've raised over £33 million and average 15 times Return On Advertising Spend. Not too shabby.
  • Why should I start now?
    You should have started about a week ago. The sooner you start the more data and momentum you build up the better results you'll get. If you're thinking about trying us out for a campaign in 3 months time then think again. Your donors are out there looking for you. Let's help them find you.
  • How long does it take to see results?
    Instantly. Once a campaign launches (this normally takes 2 weeks) donations begin trickling in. But don't be fooled. It could take up to a month to see the type of results that get you really excited. Trust the process.
  • Why should I trust CerealBox?
    Don't. We're strangers on the internet. But get to know us a little better, speak to our team and check out our results. Trust comes with time and knowledge. We're an open book - ask us any question.
  • Why these prices?
    Why are our results so good? OK enough with the gas talk, there is a reason for our success. Our fantastic team. You get access to a team of digital fundraising experts - from data scientists to growth marketers to strategists. You get this for a fraction of the price it costs to hire a marketing team.
  • What if I'm not looking to fundraise right now?
    Cool - there is more to life than fundraising. If you're looking to recruit volunteers, grow your brand or reach new beneficiaries, we've got you covered on that front too.
  • What if we already work with another agency?
    We'll simply point out how to improve your digital fundraising process. And who doesn’t want more donations right? Schedule a free strategy call and we'll show you where you're missing out.
  • Do I get a free cereal box?
    Of course! We'll send you a box of cereal to start off our relationship on the right track.


“A dynamic and innovative team truly dedicated to providing top-quality digital fundraising support.”

—  Amjad Mohammed, CEO


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