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return on investment


average donation value


new donors


total reach

The problem was

HHUGS wanted to acquire new donors through social media marketing but didn't have the in-house capacity to do so.

We solved this by

Helping them do just that, acquire new donors by running their Facebook Ads and Google Ads to reach new audiences. We launched a digital campaign and built out a post-donation email sequence to retain their donors.

Let's break it down even further

Step 1

We started by creating content for Ramadan campagins. We needed to create content that works on social media, and not just regular advertising.

Step 2

We then created a sick donation page that allowed people to donate really easily with items like multiple payment options. 


But mainly we focused on the big bucks, monthly donations. 

Web Design_edited.png

Step 3

Once we had all the tools needed, it was time to showcase our cause to the world. Below are the ad results we achieved.

Results in numbers


spend on Google Ads


income on Google Ads


conversions on Google Ads


spend on Facebook Ads


spend on Facebook Ads


conversions on Facebook Ads


total impressions


total reach

Step 4

This is were the real success lies. We understand that true ROI comes from getting the most out of your donors long term.


Below are the long term results we achieved.

Retention in numbers


average donor value




number of new donors


income from new donors



income from retained donors


retention rate


You'll always be ahead of trends

You only pay if you get results

It’s easier than managing a team

You get access to a gang of experts

You get measurable live results

Your campaign is super scalable

You can focus on saving the world

7 Reasons you can't say no...

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Less workload. More donations. New donors

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