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Increase Your Donation Page Conversion Rate - Interview With Eoghan Beecher - [Video]

Having a great campaign that drives traffic is only half the battle. You need to make sure that your landing page is optimised and converting perfectly! 👌

Jamal had a chat with Eoghan Beecher from iRaiser to discuss all things optimisation, payment gateways and of course favourite cereals!! 🥣🥣

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My first question…What is iRaiser in a sentence? What does iRaiser do? 🙋‍♂️

We're a software provider that provides charities and nonprofits with payment technology. It can take online donations and also event fundraising applications. So if they're running challenge events, community events, anything, where it's a peer-to-peer, or somebody, is going to come in and fundraise on your behalf, we can provide applications where they can launch that as well. The key thing that we focus on is that it's all white labelled software, so you're not using third parties.

What's your specific job at iRaiser? 🙋🏼‍♂️

I'm the Country Manager for the UK and Ireland. That means I have to do everything, in simple terms.

In January of the last year 2021, I moved to iRaiser to launch the brick-and-mortar Ireland office. But also, most importantly is that we will start to develop the product and services specifically with the nuances of the UK and Ireland in mind.

What's the first thing you do when building a landing page? ✔️

Branding. One of the biggest drop-offs that you'll have with donation funnels is somebody being unsure that they're in the right place.

It's when you have somebody that has come through organic, they've clicked on a link, they've seen a charity's website, they've clicked on that donate button, and it's taken them to a page that doesn't necessarily have the charity’s brand on it. Then they're sitting there saying, “Am I in the right place? Am I donating to the right organisation? Have I clicked the wrong button?”

From my perspective, the most important thing is letting them know they are in the right place!

The easiest way you solve that is by putting your logo on every section. It’s the simplest thing.

What's the one thing you should never do when building a donation page?

Oh, this is an interesting one. Assume that you're the only user in the world. Or assume that everyone will use it the same way as yourself.

It's very easy to think of how you as a person engaged with that page. Everybody uses different applications in different ways. The only way you can optimise is by literally looking at what they [the users] are doing.

So, using things like Session Cam or HotJar, you can go and say: these are my donors. This is how they behave on the site. And most importantly, this is the bit that is stopping them from completing a donation.

What's the worst mistake you've seen on a donation page in your experience? 🤦‍♀️

There was a donation page that was powered by an e-commerce platform. The donation page was based on stock-keeping units and quantities. This donation page had every unit of currency with a quantity attached to it. So, the donation page had a list of stock keeping units for £1, stock keeping units for £5, and a stock keeping units for £10, £20, and £50. If you wanted to donate £6 you have to select one for £1 and one £5. If you wanted seven pounds, then you’d select two £1 donations and one £5 donation. The UX of it was astounding. 🤢

Do you have a 30-second hack to increase your conversion rate?

Find out where people are dropping off and fix it.

The problem is the vast majority of donations come from people who are already aware of the charity and have some level of intent. The way you tackle fundraising is you assume maybe 60% of your people on your page have the intent to donate, so optimise for functionality. And then you have 40% of your donors who you're actively sending ads, to doing marketing, to running Facebook campaigns and all that type of stuff, and that side of things is all about value proposition.

I would say part of that might be payment types. If you're missing PayPal, then that might be a big drop off. If you're missing American Express, that might be a big drop off. Other times might be just your colour scheme.

My final question for you Eoghan, and it's probably the most important question I could ask you today... What's your favourite cereal? 🥣

There is a serious argument for Weetos. But, you know, they just don't hit as well as Cocoa Puffs do. Clearly, as a massive child, there has to be a chocolate flavour, you know, none of this boring bran flakes nonsense.

That's a wrap 🌯

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